Locker Rental Information

Lockers are available for swimming season behind the Bath House, we do have small lockers and large double lockers but have a limited number of each and do fill up early each year.

Before opening day, the fee to rent a small locker is $20.00 and $25.00 for a large locker. This fee does go up $5.00 each after that date, and is subject to availability. You will need to contact the club treasurer to reserve a locker and the welcome center guards will be notified that you rented one. The guards will present you with a tag to hang on the locker and you will provide your own lock. At times we do run specials on membership to receive a free locker. If you are to receive a " free " locker or have one you paid for the guards will have your name when you arrive on opening day and are more than welcome to pick one out that is available.

You will find a map of our lockers below if you want to pick out what locker you want. They are all numbered and you will be given a blue tag with a number on it, you will then go find the locker with the corresponding number and attach that tage and your lock to that locker.

After opening day you can just stop by the welcome center to see if there are lockers available.

 We do ask that lockers are cleaned out at the end of each swimming season because of cleaning and maintenance that we perform after swimming season is over.