Guidelines for Club Use


Please observe rules according to Article IV, in the Code of Regulations when bringing guests to the Club. You will be asked to give the name of your guest or guests to the patrolman/security guard at the gate. All cars are to STOP at the gate when there is a Patrolman/Security Guard on duty. Please display your membership sticker on the lower left-hand corner of the windshield on your vehicle.

NO GUEST, REGARDLESS OF WHO BRINGS THEM, CAN VISIT MORE THAN 5 TIMES/ YEAR. The only exceptions are guests over 60 and under 3, and must be accompanied by a member.

Each guest will be charged a fee to enter the Club, except for children under 3 years or over 60 years. The current fees are: five dollars ($5.00)/per guest/ per day.

No guest will be permitted unless accompanied by a member. However, if the host is arriving earlier than the guest, he/she should leave his/her guest name with the guard and pay the appropriate amount. Due to tax regulations, members must pay for guests. The security guard cannot accept money from guests (non-members).


Guests who are not residents of Salem or neighboring communities, though residing with a member for an extended period, may have Club privileges without charge after five (5) days residence. The guest fees will be charged upon entering the Club the first five (5) days. After the 5-day period, a special pass may be secured from the guard at no charge for the duration of the stay.


You are asked to respect the property of the Club at all times. Anyone who is found being destructive in any manner will be asked to forfeit their membership and/or pay for damages caused by their actions.


Please caution your children to respect the property of the Club. The caretaker is authorized to order any member or guest from the grounds who is misusing the Club facilities.


Drive carefully and obey the speed limits posted. The security guard has the authority to arrest anyone endangering lives or damaging property.


Need to be pre-registered at the Welcome Center before the start of the season. They must stop and register each time they enter the club. Guidelines to qualify as a babysitter: a) Must be 14 years of age or older. b) One babysitter per family. c) Babysitters will not be charged a guest fee unless one of the child(ren)'s legal guardians accompanies them to the club.


Products and/or Services rendered cannot be accepted as payment for membership dues, either in part or in full.


Small and large double lockers are available for the swimming season (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) behind the Bath House. Before opening day, the fee to rent a small locker is $10.00 and $15.00 for a large locker. This fee goes up $5.00 each after opening day.

Contact the Club Treasurer to reserve a locker. Lockers may be reserved as early as October 1st for the following year’s swimming season. Quantities of each are limited and do fill up early each year. If more requests are made for lockers than there is space available, priority will be given based on the earliest sign-up date.

The choice of locker location is on a first-come, first-served basis starting opening day of the summer swimming season (The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend). The guards at the entrance to the club will provide a tag to hang on the locker. Members must provide their own lock. Please clean out lockers at the end of the swimming season to allow for cleaning and maintenance.


A public address system will be used at the Bathhouse to clear the lake swimming area during emergencies and for disciplinary measures. All persons must leave the water for 15 minutes each hour. Please leave immediately at the signal of the lifeguard. Make sure that your children understand that the lifeguards have full authority and will eject anyone misusing the area.