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Annual Catfish Tournament and Family Campout

posted May 29, 2018, 6:39 AM by Jeff Stockman   [ updated May 30, 2018, 1:23 PM ]
 catfish tournament will start at 9pm on 6/9/2018 and go until 12 midnight (you may enter anytime during the event, you do not need to sign in, you will be signed in when you register your catch)


- Please stop at the welcome center when you arrive 

- All ages are welcome, and members may bring guests to fish or camp or both


There will be prizes and is a great time had by all
Board Members will record the fish caught, and pass out the prizes at the end of the tournament. 

Also, we will have a camp out on Saturday 6/9/2018 - 6/10/2018, this is the first chance family's will have this year to camp under the stars at the club.

- Tents may be set up at 8:00 Saturday night and be taken down by 11am on Sunday
- Tents may be set up behind the tennis courts 
- There will be a bonfire set up and lit at dusk

Remember there is to be no alcohol, pets, all club rules apply and you may bring guests to enjoy the evening with you. ( guest fees do apply).